Rebecca Hasson, PhD
Dr. Rebecca Hasson is an Associate Professor in the Schools of Kinesiology and Public Health. Dr. Hasson’s work focuses on the causes and consequences of childhood obesity as well as the design and implementation of physical activity interventions. She is the Principal Investigator for Active Class Space Metabolic Benefits Study (ACS), Health & Culture Project (HCP), Stress, Obesity and Diabetes in Adolescents (SODA) Study, Stress Reactivity in Adolescents Study (SRAS), Interrupting Prolonged sitting with ACTivity (InPACT@School and InPACT@Home), and the Exercises for Healthy Asthma Lifestyle and Enjoyment (ExHALE) project. For more information about Dr. Hasson's research accomplishments click here. 
Christine Benson, BS
Christine is the Creative Director for the InPACT@School Teacher Training Videos series. She is a recent graduate of the Movement Science Program with expertise in video development using Toonly and iMovie software. Christine is spearheading the development of training videos that includes instructional content as well as strategies a used by previous teachers to successfully implement InPACT. These videos will be a valuable resource for teachers across the state and country seeking to enhance movement and learning in their classrooms. 
Tiwaloluwa Ajibewa, MS
Tiwa is a fifth year Ph.D. student studying Movement Science in the School of Kinesiology. His academic interests revolve around the intersection of race/ethnicity with wellness and disease. Specifically, his focus is on the relationships between psychosocial stress, physical activity, and cardiometabolic outcomes in children and adolescents. Tiwa is working as a graduate research assistant on the Exercises for Healthy Asthma Lifestyle and Enjoyment (ExHALE) project and is Prinicpal Investigator of the Attitudes Regarding Eating & Activity (AREA) study. For more information about Tiwa's research accomplishments click here.
Lexie Beemer, MS
Lexie is a third year Ph.D. student studying Movement Science in the School of Kinesiology. Her academic focus centers on the implementation of classroom-based pediatric physical activity interventions with the goal of decreasing disparities in access to physical activity opportunities. She is a graduate research assistant working on the Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with ACTivity (InPACT) project and ExHALE study. For more information about Lexie's research accomplishments click here.
Anna Schwartz
Anna is a junior studying Applied Exercise Science in the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology. Her research interests include developing innovative strategies to promote physical activity in elementary school classrooms. Anna is an undergraduate research assistant working on Using Technology to Increase the Reach of the InPACT program.

CDRL Alumni

YEAR                    LAB MEMBER                               CURRENT EMPLOYMENT

2020                     Maysa Damen, BS                      Dental Assistant, Cherry Hill Dental Center

2020                     Jacob Wexler, BS                       Medical Student at the University of Toledo

2018                     Lauren Allport, BS                      Outpatient Therapist at the Children's Center of Wayne County


2018                    Rachel Hofsess, BS                     Physician Assistant Student at Wayne State University


2018                    Kellye McGlumphy, BS               Dental Student at the Ohio State University

2018                    Matthew Nagy, MPH                   Medical Student at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine


2017                   Tessa Adam, BS                             Nursing Assistant at Troy Beaumont Hospital


2017                   Julia Gerras, BS                              Medical Student at Wayne State University


2017                   Amaanat Gill, BS                            Ergonomist at Workplace Wellness

2017                   Kamala Kanneganti, BS                Medical Student at Wayne State University


2017                   Devin Nelson, BS                            Learning and Evaluation Associate at the Colorado Health Foundation


2017                   Molly O'Sullivan, BS                      Associate Project Manager at Medline Industries, Inc.

2017                   Erika Shaver, MPH                         Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Women, Infants, and Nutrition (WIC)

2017                   Sunny Xu, BS                                  Public Health Analyst at CACI International, Inc



2016                   Shannon Block, BS                        Clinical Research Coordinator at Vanderbilt University Medical CENTER

2016                   Lauren Mazin, BS                          Medical Student at Kansas City University

2016                   Ehab Nazzal, BS                             Medical Student at Emory University 

2016                   Amanda Tobin, BS                         Medical Student at Michigan State University 

2015                   Gabrielle Blenden, BS                    Graduate Student at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

2015                   Trevor Tooley, BS                           Medical Student at Oakland University


2014                   Elizabeth Cotter, MPH, RDN         Clinical Dietician at Stanford Children's Health

2014                   Paige Kyle, MPH, RDN                  Healthy Living Coordinator at Bronson Healthcare

2014                   Sarah Norris, BS                            Associate Footwear Developer at Nike

2014                   Kandice Schifko, BS                      Resident Physician at Children's Hospital at Michigan